Residential Installations

Geothermal, like other central heating and/or cooling systems can be installed in a number of configurations source can be either an open or closed loop sytem based on the availability,quality and feasability after studying the soil and water availability. Based on the availability of space the heat exchanger can be installed in a vertical or horizontal loop. Fulfilling both the cooling and heating requirement for your home.

A geothermal system usually costs somewhat more than a conventional fossil fuel system with air conditioning to install but has a lower operation cost with no fuel deliveries. There are also no atmospheric emissions of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons with a geothermal system. There are many factors to consider when quoting a house for installation of a geothermal system such as insulation, acres of land, square feet of your house and more. A simple meeting will allow us to determine the right set up for your house whether we are retrofitting or installing for new construction. We will provide you with a quote including the different options that you can choose from. The common payback period is between 3 to 7 years.